Monday, August 18, 2014

My Other Finish From Yesterday...

"Bless This Home"
From Dimensions
Designed by Angela Staehling
Finished August 17th, 2014
So, I was a little busy yesterday with the crafting... To be fair though, there was just the backstitching in the quilt area and a few french knots left to do... I was motivated... And then I went to see Expendables 3... Busy day...
For the record, I am not religious in any way.... My stitching seems to be trending that way though... Weird... :D

Sunday, August 17, 2014

Birthday Present!!!

"I'm Actually a Mermaid"
From CloudsFactory
Finished August 17, 2014
I made a pillow!!!! So proud of myself... This was hand stitched, because I really suck at using the machine... I think it turned out awesome, especially for the first time I made a pillow... Like, ALL OF IT!!!! I even had to do surgery of the pillow-form because it was round-ended, and I wanted rectangular... Yes, it's a franken-pillow-form... The back fabby is from Wal-Mart... I think it matches loverly... So excited!
Finishing Prowess = leveled up!!!