Sunday, January 26, 2014

Only Finish of 2013...

"Pretty Dove Festive Hoop"
From CrossStitcher Magazine # 271
Designed by Fiona Crouch
Finished December 19th, 2013
Here's my only finish of 2013... A very small Christmas ornament I made after a co-worker gave me a jar of her delicious habanero jelly... Totally worth the exchange!!!
Not saying this was all I did last year in the crafty front... I certainly stitched on other things, I just didn't finish anything else... That's one of the goals I had in mind for this year; finish some of those WIPs that have been kicking around for far too long...
I am way more then 3/4's done with Morning Lake, which I started last year as a charity project... It's the next thing on my to-do list... I look forward to getting it off that list...

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